Athlete(s) of the month: February 2016
Today is the first edition of Z-Coaching’s “athlete of the month”. Every month, extensive discussions and debates will decide on a particular athlete or athletes being featured, whether it be a result of significant contribution, effort or improvement to the group or as an individual. Or any other reason deemed appropriate.
For this first edition, two athletes have been selected for their remarkable recoveries from illness and injury to lead them back to outstanding performances at the Olympic Distance Bangsaen triathlon.
Ladies first; Nini Ruttanaporn was involved in an extremely unfortunate motorbike accident this time last year, which resulted in several broken bones and a few months away from the sport. This gave her time to complete her medical degree, but alas, limited ability to train. Since her return to the sport last June, Nini has spent many hours carrying out her rehab in the most disciplined of manners. Her focus in training and impeccable time-keeping skills in the pool have paid off: at Thailand Tri-league’s Bangsaen triathlon, Nini showed us what she’s been training for coming in as 2nd Thai in her first elite race.
Riccardo’s recovery is somewhat alien in life. He arrived in Phuket in January after spending months honeymooning around Thailand, and a fierce flu accompanying him. For the first couple of weeks, he struggled to hold on to the back of the peloton, let alone complete a single 5.3km loop of the infamous dam run. Since January, Riccardo’s rigorous training schedule and dedication to all things triathlon saw an exponential improvement to his fitness and form. Before our eyes, Riccardo metamorphosed into a Croatian Ox, winning his highly competitive age group at the Bangsaen triathlon, and beating several pros whilst doing so.
It is rumoured that his newly wedded wife’s fruit salad and professional massage skills, along with their shared love of the latest fitness fashion aerial yoga have played an imperative role in Riccardo’s miraculous comeback. We look forward to seeing what he has got saved up for Subic Bay 70.3 this coming weekend.
Well done to both of these triathletes. Their dedication and commitment to the sport is an inspiration to others both in training and in racing. We are all excited to see what this year has to bring for them.